Ruby - Buying tips & Benefits

Posted by Semipreciousking on Jun 21st 2021

Ruby - Buying tips & Benefits

Benefits of Wearing Ruby & tips to buy an original one – Popular for July birthstone

Ruby is the birthstone of the people born on July. This attractive gemstone naturally attracts women to wear them in their jewellery pieces. The word ‘ruby’ was originated from the Latin word ‘Rubrum’, which means red. Ruby is prepared with aluminium oxide and it is found in the nature in its rough form. It is actually a variety of sapphire. Ruby is basically a precious stone and it is originally dark red due to the presence of chromium oxide in it.

Physical properties of Ruby:
• Refractive index – 1.765
• Specific gravity – 3.99
• Hardness – 9 MOH’s scale

Ruby has high quality and its rich colour attracts people, especially women and thus it is highly demanded in the gem world as a gem of love. Ruby mines are present in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, Burma, Afghanistan and many other countries across the globe. Among all of them, Burma is famous to offer best clarity and colour for the rubies, which are proudly worn by women in their jewelry.

Online buying of Ruby: Precautions!

In the ancient times, people believed that wearing a ruby gemstone can protect them from their enemies and it can also help them to lead a peaceful life. If you want to buy ruby online, be aware of the frauds. Ruby is an extensively valuable gemstone. But often you will get advertisements of sellers who are offering cheapest prices for this gemstone. Those are synthetic stones and do not offer the similar characteristics and benefits to an original Ruby stone.

Advantages of wearing Ruby:

1. Encourages natural healing
Ruby has healing powers. Thus anyone wears this gem on his/ her body can be cured from several serious blood and mental diseases.

2. Brings fortune
Wearing a piece of ruby can bring prosperity and fortune to your life. So, you must get one if you are suffering from misfortune or any sort of financial crisis.

3. Improves confidence
Wearing a ruby can help you with an improved self-confidence and enhanced communication skills.

4. Brings happiness
Being dark red in shade, ruby emits red light which symbolizes energy, vigour, and happiness. Hence, it promotes cheerfulness, courage and a spirit of aliveness.

Tips to Buy Ruby in Thailand:

Ruby is probably the prettiest stone in the gem world. It makes a wonderful gift for any of your closed ones. In fact, being engraved with a ruby on an engagement ring shows a symbol of love for the couples. Thus, it is important to buy a piece of original Ruby stone to reap all its benefits into your life.

Tips to Buy Ruby in Thailand:

1 - Find your Trusted & Authentic source to buy ruby gemstone

2 - Look at multiple variation of ruby and your preferences.

3 - Educate yourself and evaluate the difference between real ruby & Synthetic ruby

4. Know the origin of the Ruby as it changes its shade and shape according to that.

5. Select a carat that fits into your budget. Remember the cut, colour, size and clarity decide its


6. Decide the size and shape of the stone according to the jewellery which is going to use it.

7. Choose the perfect size of the Ruby

8. Properly understand its clarity

9. Select the desired shade of red

10. Choose the perfect shape and cut for the ruby like round, baguette, oval or square

11 - Buy ruby in online at the best prices.

12 - Make sure to leave seller feedback / Reviews